video catches police kidnapping men; later show up murdered…

According to the story posted from Milenio, another 4 police
have  been arrested in this crime, exposing police kidnapping and murder.
Interesting that the crime was taped in JANUARY and is only exposed in
June… There are numerous links to the actual video online…  Including
in the AP story . And this one from Aljazeera.

Sorry I missed posting it earlier…The headline flashed by in El Diario a
few days ago, but I was not able to post at the time. It has now made
mainstream world news. Th speculation is that it might impact the
elections…I’m traveling now and may miss good followup, so please feel
free to post…  molly


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One thought on “video catches police kidnapping men; later show up murdered…

  1. When one form of political power transfers to another there is a state of lawlessness and anarchy. All along the US and Mexico border this is happening on a daily bases. The state of lawlessness is a way of life that is on its second and third generation that is perpetuating to a total collapse of Mexico’s society. I believe the war between state and the gangs has been won by the gangs with the gangs allowing the state to fill needs that are not profitable endeavors for the gangs. The economic battle and the war that is now present are between the gangs of Mexico and the US. Remember it is an economic battle this is like a Neutron bomb in that the enemy dose not want to tear down the economic structures they want to control and manipulate the resources. Right now the border is lost thanks to most of Texas; the gangs are driving truck loads of people, drugs and money across with little to no real hindrance from the emplace officials. This is all very similar to the Mafia of the mid to late 80’s when they took all their power and influence and incorporated except Mexicans are too close to separate themselves nationally because of the land that was once theirs.

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