Torreon rehab center massacre; none of victims had federal criminal records

Mexican officials reported than none of the 11 victims of the attack on the
rehab center in Torreon that took place on Sunday had any criminal record
to link them to drug trafficking or any other federal crime in Mexico. One
victim had been arrested for a petty crime and also one of the survivors,
but most of the victims were completely cleared of any criminal background.
One victim was 17, the others were men in their 20s and 30s. Only four
victims have been identified in the press. The last incident of a massacre
in a rehab center was also in Torreon about one year ago at the Centro de
Recuperación de Alcohólicos y Drogadictos “La Victoria”in June of 2011.
Thirteen people died in that attack.
There were at least least 5 attacks of this nature in Juarez and Chihuahua
between 2008 and 2011.
A google translation is below.

Massacre in Torreon to eleven Christian rehabilitation centerApro |
04.06.2012 | 23:09Saltillo-Gunmen stormed a rehabilitation center for
addicts in Torreon and shot dead 11 men, authorities said Sunday.The state
government said yesterday that 11 people were killed during the attack on
the Christian rehabilitation center “Your life on the Rock”, located in the
ejido La Union, only one had a criminal record, but the common law
offenses.In the same situation is one of the eight injured, as confirmed by
the Security spokesman, Sergio Alvarado Sisbeles.According to the official,
from early yesterday morning the tracks were sent to Mexico Platform
victims of Federal Public Security Secretariat to certify their background
and, except these two cases, the rest was free of federal crimes.Sisbeles
said that in the rehabilitation center attack occurred around 21:20 hours
on Sunday, eight people were injured.In addition, said that among the dead
is a child under 17 years and the remainder had 24 to 34 years of age. So
far, state officials have identified only four people: Arturo Perez
Sanchez, Eduardo Espinosa Mesa, Mauro Perez Rios and Daniel Flores
Perez.The Attorney General of the State of Coahuila who conducts the
inquiry and who is the research, which can not be revealed for now, “said
the spokesman.The immediate background on rehabilitation centers bombing
occurred nearly a year, 7 June 2011, when gunmen stormed the Center for
Alcohol and Drug Recovery “La Victoria”, which killed 13 people, 11 at the
time of the attack and two who died later in hospital.One hypothesis about
these attacks indicates that organized crime groups to attack centers
because the former addicts will stop buying drugs.It also mentions that the
centers are used by the cartels to recruit former drug addicts, to work
with them in exchange for drugs.

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