8 homicides June 1-4; lawyer kidnapped found dead on Saturday

June 1 passed with a homicide in Juarez. But on Saturday and Sunday, three
people were killed each day. One body found Saturday was later identified
as a lawyer,  Luz Villa, 68. She had been kidnapped several days earlier
and the family had negotiated with the kidnappers on the ransom. The family
also reported the crime to the state authorities. When the kidnappers found
out, they apparently decided to kill her. A sign was left near the body
that said: “for believing in the state authorities…”  “por andar creyendo
a los ministeriales”
I did not see a number for murders yesterday, June 4, but there were at
least 2 killings reported by the Fiscalia. A man was found dead in the
Benito Juarez neighborhood. The body was wrapped in a sheet with a plastic
bag over the head and the body was also partially burned. Another man was
found dead in the  Colonia Urbi Villa del Cedro and it appeared that he had
been killed with a kitchen knife. Also a large rock was found near the body
with blood on it.
There have been at least 8 killings so far in June. By my tally, this comes
to about 499 for 2012 and 10,584 since 2008. molly

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Virginia is a journalist based in Los Angeles who's written for publications including Los Angeles magazine, Upworthy, and Elite Daily. She was born in Argentina and raised in the San Fernando Valley along with her three siblings. Fun fact: She took a Chicanas and Feminism course with Eva Longoria while studying for her master's in mass communication at California State University, Northridge. Follow her on Twitter @virginiaisaad

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