45 homicides in Juarez May 1-14; est. total since January 2008 = 10,546

El Diario posted an article on May 8 saying that the homicide toll in Juarez officially passed 10,000 on May 3 with the death of a man in the Colonia Ampliacion Felipe Angeles… As those who have been with Frontera List for a while know, I’ve said the city reached this milestone a few months ago. Here is the reason for the difference. Diario uses these annual
2008 = 1623
2009 = 2754
2010 = 3115 [more accurate number is 3,622]
2011 = 2086

I use the number of 3,622 for 2010. The reason is that several different and much higher numbers have been given by the Fiscalia for that year.  Initially, the number was 3,111. Then in March of 2011, an article appeared using the number of 3,951.

Here is that info originally posted on the Frontera List in March 2011: State data from 2010 in Chihuahua show figures much higher than previously reported: 3,951 homicides in Juarez; 7,209 i the state of  Chihuahua.

> http://www.eluniversal.com.mx/notas/751635.html
> Once homicidios diarios en 2010 en Juárez: Fiscalía
> De acuerdo con estadísticas de la dependencia, el año pasado se
> registraba en todo el estado de Chihuahua casi un asesinato por hora

I believe that the discrepancy is because we are not sure WHICH murders exactly are being counted…ALL homicides (including lesser crimes like negligent homicide or manslaughter), or only homicidios dolosos (aggravated homicides).  Subsequently, a reporter in Juarez who writes for Reuters got a new official figure for Juarez of 3,622 and this number was published in a Reuters story in Dec 2011. See:
Since that number falls roughly halfway between the low figure of 3,111 and the high figure of 3,951, I think it is probably a better estimate of the actual number.  So based on the annual figures that I use, the cumulative total homicides for Juarez from January 2008 through April 2012 was 10,501.

The monthly totals for 2012 are as follows: Jan 122; Feb 82; March 105;
April 107…

I have just tallied up the numbers for May 1-14 and I come up with a figure of 45 homicides as of yesterday.  Diario reported 2 days with no murders–May 7 and May 10–but by looking at the daily articles and the reports I get from the Fiscalia, I found that one person who was wounded earlier died on May 10. I believe that yesterday, May 14, was the most violent day in May with a total of 8 homicides. So, my new tally for 2012 is 461–an average of 3.41 people per day. Added to the other annual numbers, the total for Juarez since January 2008 is now 10,546. This averages to 6.6 people per day since January 2008.   molly

Eight slain in Juárez over weekend

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