74 people killed so far in April; 383 in 2012

Diario finally gives a tally for the month of April…As of April 22
(Sunday) there were 71 murders in Juarez.  Three more people were killed
yesterday, including another woman shot in a 1997 Saturn outside of a small
store in Colonia Granjero… I’m also not sure that the death of the 12 yr
old boy injured in the Sunday shooting has been counted. So far in April,
at least 74 people have been victims of homicide; 16 of them were women.
Interestingly, my own tally was only 62. So, as I’ve found often during my
attempts to keep track of the deaths in Juarez, the number finally reported
is usually more than what I’ve been able to count.  If I add this new tally
to the other numbers, we have about 383 for 2012 and since 2008, the total
is now 10,468.  molly



Death of 12 year old boy wounded Sunday

For what it is worth, I just checked the Fiscalia protocols that
arrive in my email box every day, several times a day.  I notice that
a 12 yr old boy died yesterday at the IMSS hospital and that this
death is not mentioned in the Diario article. I did notive that when
the initial report of the shooting in Galeana was in the paper
yesterday, it mentioned 2 minors injured.  The report this morning
only mentions one.

The 12 yr old is Antonio Aarón Serrano González. The protocol says he
was brought to the clinic yesterday and today he died. That would
bring the total dead yesterday to 6, or perhaps this death will be
counted for today, April 23.  I searched for Aaron’s name in El
Diario, but it did not come up.  The article says that the adult
killed in this shooting was Pedro Perez and that he was from the US.

Here is the text of the Protocolo:

1.             Delito: Homicidio.

2.             Víctima: Antonio Aarón Serrano González, de 12 años de

3.             Lugar de los hechos: Calles Zihuatanejo y Coatepin, en
la Colonia Galeana.

4.             Lugar del hallazgo: Clínica 35 del IMSS.

5.             Fecha del hallazgo: 22 de Abril de 2012.

6.             Fecha y hora del reporte a la Policía  Investigadora:
22 de Abril de 2012, a las 19:12 horas.

7.             Quien generó el reporte a la Policía Investigadora:
Radio Operador de la Policía Estatal Investigadora.

8.             Probable arma utilizada: Arma de fuego.

9.             Objetos asegurados: tres casquillos percutidos, calibre
7.62×39 mm.

10.         Unidad a cargo de la investigación: Unidad Especializada
en Investigación de Delitos Contra la Vida.


Se reportó a la Unidad Especializada en Investigación de Delitos
Contra la Vida, el fallecimiento de una persona de sexo masculino que
ingresó lesionada al parecer en circunstancias violentas a la Clínica
35 del IMSS.

El cadáver de quien en vida respondiera al nombre de Antonio Aarón
Serrano González se encontraba en posición de decúbito dorsal (boca
arriba) sobre una camilla propia de hospital, y se le apreciaron como
huellas de violencia, heridas producidas por proyectiles de arma de
fuego en pierna derecha y región lumbar.

Durante el mismo evento dos personas más de sexo masculino resultaron
lesionadas, mismas que se encuentran en diversos nosocomios de la
localidad recibiendo atención médica.

Los Peritos en Criminalística de Campo localizaron en el lugar de los
hechos, tres casquillos percutidos de calibre 7.62×39 milímetros,
mismos que fueron fijados, embalados y enviados previa cadena de
custodia al Laboratorio de Balística Forense.

El cuerpo fue trasladado a las instalaciones del Servicio Médico
Forense, donde especialistas realizarán la necrocirugía de ley a fin
de establecer la causa real del fallecimiento.

Here is the Diario story on the death of the 12 yr old boy injured in the
shooting in Colonia Galeana on Sunday. The boy was wounded inside of his
house according to the report…


10 people killed Saturday and Sunday in Juarez; 62 for month of April…

Ten people were murdered in Juarez on Saturday and Sunday–according to the
Diario articles based on police reports, 5 on each day.  An
English-language summary of some of the killings is posted from the
EPTimes.  This would make the total for April now about 62, though Diario
has not posted a summary or tally since April 8.  This makes the average
for April about 3 people per day, though recently there have been several
days when 5 or 6 people have been killed.  The overall average from January
2008–present is about 6.6 people per day. molly



New Proceso article on General Acosta Chaparro’s role during Mexico’s dirty war

In case you need more evidence of the character of the Mexican General murdered Friday in Mexico City, see this excerpt from an article now appearing in Proceso. I hear a lot of rhetoric about the “incredible brutality” of the drug cartels and a lot of other superlative language… But there is seldom any questioning among US policy-makers and even among most journalists of Calderon’s claims that the Army are the incorruptible good guys fighting the drug traffickers. For many decades, the Mexican Army has been the major power in the country torturing and killing social activists and also enriching themselves and their civilian partners through drug trafficking. Here is a short example of some activities of General Acosta Chaparro in Guerrero during the “dirty war

The general who killed by the sword, a name associated with torture

In Guerrero he will be remembered as one of the most abominable actors in the dirty war of the Mexican state against dissidents. Since then his name, Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro Escapite-continues to evoke the sensation of burning pain among social activists there, who consider him responsible for the detention and torture of hundreds of political opponents of the PRI regime, as well as the person behind many forced disappearances.

Four days after the Guerrero Congress installed the Truth Commission to investigate the crimes of the dirty war, General Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro Escapite was executed in Mexico City on Friday, April 20, 2012. His name was inevitably linked to torture, enforced disappearance of hundreds of social activists and to many of the as yet unexplained deaths in the dirty war.

His actions in Guerrero during the administrations of Ruben Figueroa Figueroa (1975-1981) and his son, Ruben Figueroa Alcocer (1993-1999), marked him indelibly. In the Fox administration he was one of the soldiers under investigation by the Special Prosecutor for Social and Political Movements of the Past (FEMOSPP), which incorporated a preliminary investigation against him, General Humberto Quiros Hermosillo and then Captain Francisco Javier Barquin for their participation in the torture and murder of 143 people.

The case was referred to military courts, and during the hearings at least 10 soldiers were summoned to testify as witnesses, including Tarin Gustavo Chavez, who said that between 1975 and 1979 he worked as an aide to Acosta Chaparro.

During this period 1,500 arrests were made at checkpoints set up by the army on Guerrero roads and highways. Some of these detainees were transferred to the Military Air Base “Pie de la Cuesta.” According to witnesses, Barquin was responsible for registering their names in a book of people who would be disappeared [libro de pastas negras].

According to some versions, as part of that process, General Quiros Hermosillo and Acosta picked out detainees and posed them on a chair to take “the souvenir photo.” They then shot them in the neck with a .380 caliber pistol which Quiros named “the avenging sword.” The bodies were put into canvas bags, loaded onto an Arava airplane of what was then known as Squadron 301 and the dead would be to thrown into the sea during unauthorized flights.

According to Tarin Chavez, Acosta Chaparro personally executed some 200 people, “all of this with the permission of General Quiros Hermosillo” (Proceso 1356). Despite the incriminating evidence, he and Quiros Hermosillo were exonerated.
(Excerpt from an article appearing this week in the magazine Proceso 1851, now on the newsstands.)


15 women killed so far in April; 53 in 2012 as of April 20

So far in April, 15 women have been murdered.  The dead include a 1 and a
half year old baby and several other minors. No arrests have been made in
these murders.   A summary of the numbers of total homicide victims and
women victims from 1993-2011 is posted below the articles.  Added to those
totals The article indicates that these are figures for violent deaths of
women and that Juarez is the only municipality in the country that reports
this statistic nationally. [I’ve never seen that clearly stated before. It
calls into question how useful these numbers are if none of the other
municipalities in the country report the same data or define the crime(s)
in the same way. How can the rates of women’s homicides (feminicidios) be
compared from one place to another if the crimes are not defined and
reported in the same way… ?] This year, the numbers are as follows:

2012                total homicides 361                women 53   percent
of total who are women     14%

(as of April 20)  Women are a higher percentage of the murder victims so
far this year than in any year since 2005.

The other article below reports on a statement earlier this week from
Chihuahua Attorney General Jorge Gonzalez Nicolas that 90 percent of the
homicides of women are related to organized crime and that the rest are
domestic or gender violence. “The topic is very delicate because we are
talking about organized crime and common crime. They are using women for
the commission of illicit activities and in many cases, they are involved
with people close to them, their domestic partners, fathers, brothers or
another family member,” explained the head of the Fiscalia.  molly

Diario has not reported a summary of the number of killings so far in
April. Based on the daily reports and my imperfect tally, there have now
been about 52 murders so far in April; 15 of the victims are women. My
estimate of the total for the year is now 361: January 122; February 82;
March 105 and as of April 20–52.
Based on the past years’ tallies, there have been 10,466 people murdered in
Juarez since January 2008. This comes out to an average of 6.6 people per
day for the past 1,571 days. molly


massacre in bar in Chihuahua City; General assassinated in Mexico City

At least 15 people were massacred in an attack on the Bar Colorado in Chihuahua City last night. A followup report says that 2 of the victims were journalists. One used to have a radio program in the city and now was working for the municipal government. Another had a website for reporting news. The actual death toll is now at least 15….

Retired General Mario Arturo Acosta Chaparro was assassinated at a car repair garage in DF. In 2000 he was linked to the Juarez Cartel and tried and sentenced to 16 years. Neither the PGR (Federal Attorney General) nor the Military Attorney General could make the charges stick and so eventually he was exonerated.

“Para 2007 ni la PGR ni la Procuraduría de Justicia Militar pudieron acreditar los nexos de Acosta Chaparro con el narcotráfico, por lo que tuvo que ser exonerado.”
He had also been charged with crimes against humanity from the “dirty war”
in the 1970s.  AND he was decorated by Calderon in 2008 as a hero…molly

Retired Mexican general shot dead in Mexico City



Mexico’s Plan to Create a Paramilitary Force–Stratfor

Based on what I know about Mexico and other Latin American countries that
have used paramilitary forces, if this plan gets enacted, we will see even
more extra-judicial killings and the level of impunity will increase (if
that is possible?)… A paramilitary force will have carte blanche to carry
out social cleansing and will be even less accountable than the current
federal police and military forces, in my opinion.  It is interesting to
see this proposal from the PRI candidate since what most people seem to
think he will do is reestablish arreglos (arrangements) with criminal
organizations as a way to lessen the levels of violence.  It is hard to
imagine that these new forces would not be even more easily corruptible.
The term fascist also comes to mind.  molly

Murder Capital of the World opens in NY and LA this Friday, April 20th

Posting from documentary director Charlie Minn for those in New York and
Los Angeles who would like to see his new film:


“Murder Capital of the World” opens at the AMC in Times Square and Edwards
South Gate in Los Angeles on Friday, April 20th.
The 83 minute documentary will play for at least a week at both locations.

The film, starring Charles Bowden, Molly Molloy, Howard Campbell and others
in the border region, examines the major events from Juarez, MX. in 2011.

A preview of the 2012 Presidential election in Mexico is also examined.

Visit the website

Thank you.

Follow-up on murder of Eligio Ibarra

The man who was killed and burned inside of his house on Thursday night
last week was identified as Eligio Ibarra. In 2011, he was kidnapped and
extorted by a group of federal policemen and he managed to escape and turn
them in to the investigators of the Federal Attorney General. Those police
are said to be in jail. Mr. Ibarra fled the city for his safety and he was
reported to have returned last week in order to testify against the
kidnappers today. The first article includes a statement from human rights
ombudsman, Gustavo de la Rosa, about the chilling effect on other victims
and witnesses to crimes and abuses by government authorities. Late this
afternoon, the state attorney general of Chihuahua issued a statement that
the motive for the murder of Mr. Ibarra may have been robbery…and what’s
more, Mr. Ibarra may have been murdered by someone he knew and that he had eaten dinner with that person on the night of the crime… No, I cannot
make this stuff up. And I am sure there will be more details on an arrest
of this accused killer tomorrow in the paper.

It is worth considering these multiple crimes and the possible motives and
suspects in the murder of Mr. Ibarra. It is also worthwhile to consider the
gang of federal police officers caught in the act of kidnapping and
extortion and compare this reality in the city of Juarez with the
statements of the former DEA head Robert Bonner in his NYTimes oped last
Sunday… He credits the “new” federal police force established under
Calderon as the knights in shining armor in the “drug war.”

A empresario lo mató un conocido para robarlo: Fiscalía