10 people killed Saturday and Sunday in Juarez; 62 for month of April…

Ten people were murdered in Juarez on Saturday and Sunday–according to the
Diario articles based on police reports, 5 on each day.  An
English-language summary of some of the killings is posted from the
EPTimes.  This would make the total for April now about 62, though Diario
has not posted a summary or tally since April 8.  This makes the average
for April about 3 people per day, though recently there have been several
days when 5 or 6 people have been killed.  The overall average from January
2008–present is about 6.6 people per day. molly



About virginiaisaad

Virginia is a journalist based in Los Angeles who's written for publications including Los Angeles magazine, Upworthy, and Elite Daily. She was born in Argentina and raised in the San Fernando Valley along with her three siblings. Fun fact: She took a Chicanas and Feminism course with Eva Longoria while studying for her master's in mass communication at California State University, Northridge. Follow her on Twitter @virginiaisaad

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