Agent charged with corruption now at center of civil suit over shooting — Nogales International

This case in Nogales certainly raises a lot of questions…mainly…why
would an agent charged with bribery/corruption (for allowing loads of drugs
to pass a checkpoint) still be working in the field? The best guess is that
the government is/was pressuring this crooked agent to turn in those higher
up running the operation…
“The fact that it took three years for federal prosecutors to indict
Canales in the bribery case, and that the Border Patrol kept him fully
armed and in the field in the meantime, raises questions about possible
government negligence in the Walker Canyon shooting incident. After all, if
Canales had been indicted sooner, or if he had been assigned to desk duty
as the investigation proceeded, he wouldn’t have shot Castro in November
2010 and the government wouldn’t be at risk of a large payout in a civil

Agent charged with corruption now at center of civil suit over shooting




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