A Canadian calls Ciudad Juárez, a.k.a. Murder City, home. Why?…Toronto Star

A small comment: in this article below, Charles Bowden is blamed or
credited with first calling Juarez “Murder City” because of his book
that chronicles the explosion of hyperviolence that began in early
2008. I know from talking to the author that this was not the original
title of the book, but one given to the manuscript, probably by the
people in the marketing department of the publisher. Interestingly, I
found out AFTER Bowden’s Murder City was published in early 2010, that
another book with that very same title had come out just a year or so
earlier…it was about Chicago:  Murder City: The Bloody History of
Chicago in the Twenties, by Michael Lesy (Author)

Someone should probably have done a little amazon.com search…maybe I
should have, since I’m the librarian…

No matter… two books, same title.  I do think that despite the
repetition, Murder City is an apt title for a book about a place that
was (and probably still is) the most murderous city in the world. It
definitely was in 2010. If no longer at the top of the list, it
certainly ranks in the top 3.

Juarez, Todavia la mas Violenta del Mundo

A Canadian calls Ciudad Juarez, a.k.a. Murder City, home. Why?

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