Toll of Mexican Crime Wave, Written in Faces on the Wall—nyt

I’m certain that this art project fulfills the Hippocratic
Oath–“First, Do No Harm…” After that, I am struck by these two

“Three months after the first image went up, that has not happened.
Crime in the neighborhood has also not declined. Residents say there
is still a shooting once a week on average.”

In Juarez, the killings are still running about 3 per day…one per
week would be a real victory.

“Like hope itself, however, the photos have proved hard to hold onto.
Of the 35 that were originally hung up, only about 10 have survived.
The rest have been destroyed by storms or stolen by neighbors who used
the vinyl they are printed on as roofs for their homes. Basic needs
like shelter, it seems, still trump conversation.”

needs no comment.  molly

Toll of Mexican Crime Wave Written in Face on the Wall

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Virginia is a journalist based in Los Angeles who's written for publications including Los Angeles magazine, Upworthy, and Elite Daily. She was born in Argentina and raised in the San Fernando Valley along with her three siblings. Fun fact: She took a Chicanas and Feminism course with Eva Longoria while studying for her master's in mass communication at California State University, Northridge. Follow her on Twitter @virginiaisaad

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