82 killed in February in Juarez; lowest in 34 months; 204 for year; 10,289 since 2008

FEBRUARY ended with official count of 82 homicides. Lowest in 34 months. The article mentions the remains of 12 people found in graves in the Valle de Juarez, but it is unclear to me if these dead are included in the 82 homicides for February. I do not believe they are counted. Most of the stories said that these were all women’s bodies and that the article states that the number of women killed in February is 10.

This article says the number killed in January was 118, but I had recorded 122 from my tally. Adding the 82 for Feb, the total for 2012 is now 204. The average number of people per day killed for this year is 3.4.

This is my unofficial tally for the homicide deaths in Juarez since 2008:

2008 = 1,623

2009 = 2,754

2010 = 3,622

2011 = 2,086

2012 = 204 (as of February 29) – a total of 10,289 victims of homicide

According to El Diario, 5 people were murdered on March 1. The dead included a municipal policeman and a woman and her 13 yr old son son shot to death inside their home. Another boy was injured in the attack, but survived. Neighbors said they heard gunfire around 1:00 in the morning, but the bodies were not discovered until after 4 pm in the afternoon. Another man was shot to death and another found dead in the trunk of a car. That story is also posted below.

Desde hace 34 meses no había tan pocos asesinatos

Ejecutan a municipal; creen que rompió acuartelamiento

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