remains of 51 women found in Valle de Juarez…investigations in limbo at the Juarez morgue

It is now the last day of February and today in El Diario, the number
of unidentified bodies of women found in the Valle de Juarez is
reported to be 51. I was shocked to see this number since the last
number reported from the recent excavations was 15. At first I thought
it was a mistake, but, the 51 includes the unidentified remains that
have been kept at the Juarez morgue for years, I think going back to
about 1995. But many more remains have been found over the past
several months in excavations in the Valle de Juarez but the reports
are only now being made known to the public.

Another story from Diario says that the team of Argentine forensic
specialists left Juarez without submitting reports on their results
and so the investigations are backlogged and confused and the DNA
testing must be repeated… I read the story quickly, but I do not see
any note of when the Argentines are said to have left. I DO remember a
story from many years ago that the team left in disgust at the
conditions in the Juarez police at the time. I am not sure, but it is
possible that the new Chihuahua state officials are trying to defect
attention from their incompetence by pushing the blame onto the
foreign experts called in years ago. I will see if I can find the
story that I believe was in the Washington Post many years ago.

The body of 15 yr old Jessica Leticia Peña García was buried
yesterday. An account from the funeral is posted below from the

There is also a new story on the Valle de Juarez, accurately titled
THE DEADLIEST PLACE IN MEXICO by Melissa del Bosque at this link:


Martes 28 de Febrero de 2012
Hay 51 osamentas de mujeres sin identificar; continúan rastreos en elValle de JuárezHay más osamentas halladas en el Valle de Juárez: Fiscalía
Se fueron expertos argentinos sin reportar investigaciones
Woman buries teenage daughter’s remains in Juárez

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