EP Times report on police killings; 5 more homicides yesterday in Juarez

The El Paso Times article below has a lot of detail on the killings of
the police officers Wednesday night in Juarez. Note the description of
the crime scene and the lack of protection of the scene; artifacts
left lying around; no security at the site of this mass murder.

Yesterday, March 29, there were 5 more murders in Juarez, including a
multiple homicide where three men were killed. The incident was
witnessed by numerous kids playing on the street at the time.

This would bring the monthly total for March to about 90. Saturday is
the last day of March, so hopefully Diario will post a real tally for
the month on Sunday.

Five Juarez Officers slain may have been set up

Presencian niños triple asesinato en Riberas


Juarez still most dangerous city in the world?

*Thanks to Carlos for sending to me and to the list.  I saw the note
yesterday afternoon and looked for an English version of Brownfield’s
statement. It was made (I believe) at a House Judiciary committee hearing
in Congress. Results of a google news search also posted below.  I will
look for the Hearing transcript online when I get a chance.  molly*



1. Ciudad *Juárez*, la urbe más peligrosa del mundo: EU<http://noticias.univision.com/narcotrafico/noticias/article/2012-03-2…>

Univisión – 14 hours ago
MEXICO – Ciudad *Juárez* es la urbe más peligrosa del mundo, declaró *William
Brownfield*, subsecretario de Estado para el narcotráfico internacional
de Estados *…*
International: Alcalde de *Juárez* rechaza que sea la ciudad más violenta<https://www.google.com/url?url=http://www.elfinanciero.com.mx/index.p…>
‎ El Financiero
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‎ El Diario
México rechaza declaraciones de EE.UU. sobre Ciudad *Juárez*<https://www.google.com/url?url=http://www.bbc.co.uk/mundo/ultimas_not…>
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all 207 news articles »<https://news.google.com/news/story?hl=es&gl=us&q=Brownfield+william+j…>

2. Ciudad *Juárez* es lugar más peligroso de América, según *…*<http://noticias.terra.com/eeuu/ciudad-juarez-es-lugar-mas-peligroso-d…>

Terra.com – 14 hours ago
UU., *William Brownfield*, catalogó hoy a la mexicana Ciudad *Juárez* como
la urbe más peligrosa de América y posiblemente del mundo, durante una
audiencia en *…*
3. Irresponsables declaraciones de EUA contra *Juárez*<http://www.frontenet.com/notas/20120329/irresponsables_declaraciones_…>

Frontenet – 14 hours ago
Ciudad *Juárez*.- Luego que fueran publicadas las declaraciones del
Subsecretario de Estado en EU. para el narcotráfico internacional, *William
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4. *Juárez*, la ciudad más peligrosa del mundo: EE.UU.<http://www.yucatan.com.mx/20120329/nota-13/251272-juarez-la-ciudad-ma…>

El Diario de Yucatán – 16 hours ago
Estados Unidos consideró que Ciudad *Juárez* sigue siendo “la ciudad más
peligrosa” *…* *William Brownfield*, consideró que los carteles de la
droga se siguen *…*
5. Afirman que las declaraciones sobre inseguridad afectan a Ciudad *…*<http://www.yucatan.com.mx/20120329/nota-13/251374—–afirman-que-las…>

El Diario de Yucatán – 11 hours ago
CIUDAD *JUÁREZ* (Notimex).— El gobierno municipal indicó que las *…* de
Estado estadunidense para el narcotráfico internacional, *William
6. Ciudad *Juárez* sigue siendo la más peligrosa de México<http://www.e-consulta.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&id=30564:…>

E- Consulta – 14 hours ago
Para Estados Unidos, Ciudad *Juárez* es el lugar más peligroso de México
y probablemente del mundo. *William Brownfield*, subsecretario de Estado
para el *…*
7. Disminuyen homicidios, aclara EU<http://www.tiempoenlinea.com.mx/revisarnota.php?fecha=’2012-03-30’&se…>

Tiempo en Linea – 34 minutes ago
La embajada de Estados Unidos en México sostuvo que en Ciudad *Juárez*, *
…* *William Brownfield*, quien aseguró que Ciudad *Juárez* sigue
siendo una de las más *…*
8. Las noticias de hoy. Resumen Eduardo Ruiz Healy<http://www.radioformula.com.mx/notas.asp?Idn=234589>

RadioFórmula – 15 minutes ago
El Subsecretario de Estado para el Narcotráfico Internacional de EEUU, *William
Brownfield*, dijo que “Ciudad *Juárez* es la ciudad más peligrosa de
México y de *…*


Mexico’s drug killings soar above US figures–El Paso Times analysis of numbers

From 2007 to 2010, Mexico had nearly 15 times more drug-related murders than the United States, according to an El Paso Times analysis.

Based on the Times’ calculations, the U.S. had 2,049 drug-related homicides during those four years, or 0.66 for each 100,000 of population. During the same period, Mexico had 30,858 drug-related homicides, or 27.4 per 100,000 population.

Mexico began reporting drug-related homicides in 2007 during President Felipe Calderón’s administration, referring to them as “executions,” a term officials used whenever they attributed deaths to the drug-cartel wars.

Read more at El Paso Times

US and Mexico Drug Homicides Statistics via El Paso Times

approximately 85 people killed so far in March….police victims identified…

My best guess for the total number of homicides so far in March is about
85. This number surpasses the total for February which was 82. January’s
death toll was 122, so the 2012 total is now about 289 or an average of 3.2
murders each day. Diario has reported the identities of the 5 municipal
police victims; two are women. The article also notes that since the
officers were not on duty when they were murdered, they will not be given
official honors, but that the city will assist the families to pay for the



9 people killed yesterday in Juarez; 5 are municipal police murdered while off duty

Nine people in all were killed in Juarez yesterday, March 28. Five were
municipal police off duty at a party in a private home. Though the officers
have not yet been identified in El Diario, from the description of a
witness at the scene, it seems that at least 2 or 3 of the victims were
police women. Three other police were seriously injured in the attack.
Earlier in the evening, two brothers, both employed by the municipal water
department, were shot inside their home, apparently while they were eating
supper. Two other people were killed earlier in the day, including a woman
shot and killed at a public park.

On Tuesday, March 27, 4 people were murdered, including 3 men in one
multiple homicide incident.  

I have not tallied the deaths for every day in March—though Diario has
reported several days without homicides, including Monday March 26. The
lastest tally in the news was on March 18 when it was reported that 57
people had been killed so far that month.  I believe the total is now about
80. I will attempt a tally sometime later today.  I assume there will be
more details on the police shooting forthcoming.  Source articles posted
below. molly

Panetta cites 150,000 deaths from narco-violence in Mexico in trilateral meeting in Toronto

Leon Panetta (US Sec of Defense) met with his counterparts from Mexico and
Canada yesterday in Toronto. A headline story in the Mexican press (EFE
article from El Diario is posted below) says that Panetta cited a report
from Mexican General Galvan Galvan, Sec. of Defense in Mexico, that 150,000
people had been killed in the war on narcotrafficking. He did not specify
the time span.  There are more comments on the press coverage below from
Frontera List member Jim Creechan from Canada.

Just based on homicide statistics reported by the federal police agencies
in Mexico, I would estimate that the number is now about 109,000 homicides
since 2007.  It is impossible to know at this point what numbers the
Mexican military might be citing and for what time period.  Jim provides
more links in his comment from Mexican and international sources.  I also
posted an article on the meeting from the US Dept of Defense webpage. It
has nothing about numbers….

I agree that it will be interesting to see if this number gets picked up in
more media and cited.  It would seem like one of the major media folks in
Mexico City might be able to get their hands on the same report that
Panetta read…  ??  Molly

Panetta Attends Historic Trilateral Defense Meeting

Guerra vs narco en México ha cobrado 150 mil vidas: EU



shootout in Temosachi (Chihuahua state) … 10 dead

Ten people were killed in a shootout in the western region of the state of
Chihuahua on Sunday night. There have been a lot of reports lately of
multiple homicides in the city of Chihuahua and other areas in the state.
I have been trying to collect the news articles on Juarez also…though I
haven’t posted in the past 10 days, I believe the killings are averaging
about 3 per day.  I will try to catch up soon.  molly

Balacera entre presuntos narcos en Temósachi arroja 10 muertos

“Church’s ambiguous role… InSight Crime… NYTimes on Pope’s visit to Mexico + a few for background

Below are a couple of articles on narco-donations to Mexican churches
and on the scandal of Father Maciel and the Legionaries of Christ,
Carlos Slim and other Mexican billionaires.

Pope Arrives in Mexico, Lamenting Drug Violence

Mexican Church Takes a Closer Look at Donors

A Priest’s Legacy Survives, and Divides, in Mexico

I recommend this article from InSight Crime on both the dangers faced
by priests and other clergy and religious activists in Mexico as well
as the complicity between some church leaders and criminal
organizations. I personally know of one evangelical pastor in Juarez
who suffered numerous extortion demands and the murder of a son. I
have heard of many other church people of different faiths being
threatened and extorted. molly

The Church’s Ambiguous Role in Mexico Drug Violence