Juárez homicides Feb 7-12

To provide an update on the homicides in February for the past several
days, from looking at the daily stories in El Diario, there have been
a total of about 35 violent deaths as of Sunday February 12. As of
yesterday, about 157 people had been killed so far in 2012, an average
of 3.6 people per day. On Feb 7, there were no murders, but one death
was reported of a man who had been wounded in a shooting and died on
that day. Wed Feb 8, there were 5 homicides; Thurs Feb 9 and Fri Feb
10–there were 3 each day. One of the victims Friday was a young
pregnant woman who was shot to death. On Sat and Sun, Feb 11 and 12,
two people were killed each day. The deaths on Saturday were 2
separate incidents of the victims being run over by vehicles. One man
was intentionally run over by a municipal police car on Avenida Juarez
where he worked as a parking attendant and car washer. Relatives
protested the brutality of the killing at the Fiscalia. As of this
morning, Diario reports that the policeman who killed the man and then
fled the scene has been arrested:

Consignan a policia municipal que atropelló y mató a parquero .

Asesinan a tres ayer en Juárez

Bajan a hombre de auto y lo fusilan; 3 muertos ayer

Matan en Juárez a una embarazada Denuncian que policías arrollaron a parquero de manera intencional

Torturan y atropellan a hombre en Juárez

Asesinan a balazos a dos personas ayer

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