Molly Molloy Interview With Action on Armed Violence

Here’s an interview I had some months ago with Iain Overton from the Action on Armed Violence [(AOAV), which has a central mission: to carry out research, advocacy and field work in order to reduce the incidence and impact of global armed violence.  For more on the organization click here. -Molly

In focus: Molly Molloy, Border and Latin America Specialist at New Mexico State University

By AOAV on 19 May 2014

AOAV: [Would] you say that small arms and guns have been a constant backdrop to your view of Latin American politics and immigration?

Molly Molloy: I believe that, in terms of the numbers of guns in Mexico now, many of them have kind of an origin in the United States, but not a recent origin.  They come from the United States, going back 25 years to the Nicaraguan Contra war and to the military campaigns in El Salvador and Guatemala – mostly funded by the US. And I really believe that a lot of the guns that are on the black market these days that turn up in the hands of criminal organizations  all over the hemisphere, and certainly in El Salvador and in Mexico nowadays, are remnants of that period.  In other words, they’re guns that were shipped into these places legitimately and then got into the hands of criminal groups through military deserters and these illicit groups of fighters like the group of Guatemalan soldiers that supposedly became the Zetas…

Sources disagree on Juárez homicide figures–EPTimes

Here’s an article I missed in the El Paso Times (and yes, I was a source for some of the stuff in the article…) It is interesting that just today, El Diario has a story quoting a spokesman for the FGE (the Chihuahua State Attorney General) saying that organized crime related homicides were 60% of the total July homicides in the city…  See this link.

I would clarify this one statement in the article:

“But since only a small percentage of crimes in Mexico are investigated and resolved, Molloy said, it’s not possible to conclusively say which killings are related to organized crime.” 
It is not me saying that only a small percentage of crimes in Mexico are investigated or solved, but rather, the Mexican government itself that says this… Here is one link from 2010…Many more can be found hereNo investigan 95% de muertes en “guerra”
Also, the numbers that I have regularly posted here on the frontera list are numbers from various Mexican official sources…things that are available in the press or in open access web sources. It is very interesting to see the different numbers provided by individual spokesman for Mexican agencies when reporters ask for information directly…  

Mexicans Pay in Blood for America’s War on Drugs…Mexico’s Magical Homicides…New Times Online

Folks–Charles Bowden and I have articles coming out online in the “New Times” chain. A longer version should appear in print in Phoenix and Dallas and possibly in other papers in the chain. The first edition to come out online is in the Miami New Times. It features photographs by Miguel Angel Lopez Solana, the photo-journalist now seeking asylum in the US after his parents, brother and several colleagues in Veracruz were murdered. Just yesterday, Miguel sent me an email about another colleague in Veracruz who is missing. Go to the link to read the stories and if you live in a city with a New Times, look for it on the newsstand. molly


Mexico’s Magical Homicides


Mexicans Pay in Blood for America’s War on Drugs

El Sicario Room 164 showing at Fountain Theater, Mesilla, Saturday May 5

Film update: El Sicario at Fountain; PCFF forms film club, adds ‘Rocky

The *Fountain Theatre* in Mesilla will screen *”El Sicario, Room 164″* the
El Paso-made documentary about a former Juarez cartel hit man, at 1 and
3:30 p.m. May 5.

Las Cruces’ *Molly Molloy*, co-author of the book “El Sicario,” will be on
hand, theater staff says.

Her co-author, *Charles Bowden*, may also appear. He’s written several
books on the border and is co-producer of the film.

“There are NO scenes of violence in the 85-minute film,” the theater’s *Jeff
Berg* said in a press release. “It is a fascinating monologue by the man in
the mask.”

*Variety* called the film, directed by Gianfranco Rosi, as “a minimalist
study in maximum violence.”

Tickets are $6, $5 for Mesilla Valley Film Society.

Theater officials suggest early arrival since the village will be having
Cinco de Mayo festivities nearby.

For more, click here

Murder Capital of the World opens in NY and LA this Friday, April 20th

Posting from documentary director Charlie Minn for those in New York and
Los Angeles who would like to see his new film:


“Murder Capital of the World” opens at the AMC in Times Square and Edwards
South Gate in Los Angeles on Friday, April 20th.
The 83 minute documentary will play for at least a week at both locations.

The film, starring Charles Bowden, Molly Molloy, Howard Campbell and others
in the border region, examines the major events from Juarez, MX. in 2011.

A preview of the 2012 Presidential election in Mexico is also examined.

Visit the website

Thank you.

Molly Molloy presents talk on ‘El Sicario’ at NM library conference…LCSunNews

you just can’t shut those librarians up….

Molly Molloy presents talk on ‘El Sicario’ at NM library conference

LAS CRUCES — It wasn’t your typical story hour Friday, as New Mexico State University research librarian Molly Molloy told the story, and answered questions, about the book she co-wrote with Charles Bowden.

Many of the librarians from across New Mexico who attended Molloy’s presentation, during the New Mexico Library Association annual conference, at the Las Cruces Convention Center, sat on the edge of their seats as she spoke about “El Sicario,” the autobiography of a repentant Mexican contract killer, who before turning his life to Christ, worked both sides of the drug war in Mexico, particularly in Juárez. Molloy talked about the former commandante of the Chihuahuan state police who also led a double life as a hitman who kidnapped, tortured and murdered people at the behest of Mexican drug cartels.

All who attended Molloy’s presentation listened intently.

to read more, visit Las Cruces Sun-News



Mexico judge orders probe into killings of women…via AP and a commentary

Thanks to Gordon for sending this one on attention to killings of women in
Mexico state.  Interestingly, during all the years that the murders of
women in Juarez was the main story (roughly 1993-2007), the percentage of
murder victims who were women was between 8 and 15 percent of the total
number of victims. During all of those years, the number of people killed
totaled about 3,500 and about 427 of those victims were women.  Also, the
study on homicide in Mexico, 1990-2007, by Fernando Escalante* compared
homicide statistics from all Mexican states and some cities. The ratio of
female to male victims was about the same in all regions. In fact, more
women were victimized in some fo the central Mexican states than in Juarez
and Chihuahua.

The characteristic that stood out in terms of Juarez victims
is that they were younger than those in other regions. I think this
probably correlates with the fact that Juarez (and other northern border
cities) at the time was an attractive place for young migrants in Mexico
due to the availability of factory jobs. That said, none of the existing
statistics indicate a significant increase in the numbers of female
homicides during those years. In 2008, when the hyperviolence began in
Juarez, more women were killed too, but the percentages went down–I
believe because by far the largest number of people involved in the gang
and drug-war-related violence were and are young men.

Averaged for all the years between 1993 and 2011, the percentage of women victims is about 9 percent in Juarez. It is probably on average a higher percentage in places where the drug violence is not so intense as the numbers of women killed in domestic and other “normal” kinds of violence will not be so out-numbered by the overwhelmingly male killings in other kinds of violent crime. When the killings of men increase, the killings of women increase also.++
FBI crime statistics for the US show that the percentage of murder victims
who are women is fairly constant at 20-22 percent. I looked at the
statistics from 1999-2009.

That said, any attention to the killings of women and all attempts to
change the reigning impunity for those who commit violent crimes against
women, children and men in Mexico is an improvement.

Below I posted a few references and also attached a graphic showing the
ratio of women’s homicides compared to total homicides in Juarez from
1993-2011.  molly molloy

Mexico Judge Orders Probe into Killings of Women

By Olga R. Rodriguez, AP

Statistics from the Attorney General of Chihuahua as reported in El Diario
and other sources:

1993 123 19 15%  1994 234 19 8%  1995 294 36 12%  1996 253 37 15%  1997 260
32 12%  1998 242 36 15%  1999 176 18 10%  2000 250 32 13%  2001 247 37 15%
2002 276 36 13%  2003 205 28 14%  2004 202 19 9%  2005 207 33 16%  2006 253
20 8%  2007 316 25 8%  2008 1623 87 5%  2009 2754 164 6%  2010 3622 304 8%
2011 2086 196 9%  TOTALS 13623 1178 9%

A Statistical Evaluation of Femicide Rates in Mexican cities along the US-Mexico Border

by Pedro H. Albuquerque &  Prasad R. Vemala




I think this story has already been surpassed by even more violent
incidents in Monterrey and Nuevo Leon.  Below is the story of the police
chief killed this weekend in San Pedro. If the number of 324 for this year
so far in Nuevo Leon is true, then the killing there might actually surpass

CBC World News

Mexicans fear losing country to Zetas drug cartel

Latin American Herald Tribune

Police Commander Murdered in Northern Mexico



Juarez Deaths March 2-4 2012

The following are the murders reported in Juarez since March 2-4.  No
homicides were reported on Friday March 2–another period of more than 24
hours without killings. But, on Saturday March 3, there were 5 murders–a
woman was found dead on the Zaragoza bridge early in the morning. A 64 yr
old woman in a beauty supply shop was shot more than 43 times. And an 11 yr
old girl was sexually assaulted and murdered in her home.  A man was killed
and his body hung from an overpass in southeast Juarez and another man was
shot. On Sunday March 4, there were 2 killings reported. A total of 12 so
far in the first 4 days of March.  My best guess for the year is now 216;
and the cumulative death toll since 2008 is 10,301.

*MARCH 4 2012*


El Diario

‘Levantan’ a uno de su vivienda y lo asesinan metros más adelante


*MARCH 3, 2012*



*MARCH 2, 2012*

*No homicides…*