man burned inside his home in Juarez was scheduled to testify against federal police kidnappers

*Here is a story from Saturday that I missed.  I did have the initial
report of the man burned inside of his house, but, according to a report in
the EPTimes and also a followup in El Diario, the dead man was the person
who reported abuses, kidnapping and extortion and drug dealing carried out
by federal police in Juarez and who testified against them at the time
(this was in September 2011) had left the city for his safety. He had
returned to testify in a court hearing to be held this week, but was killed
– stabbed and then burned to death inside of his house in the Margaritas
neighborhood — on Friday. The original articles from El Diario and Norte
from September 2011 are also posted below from the INPRO database. The
Diario article includes the unnamed person’s testimony of his kidnapping
and near death at the hands of the federal police officers who are now said
to be in custody. But, it is likely that without this person’s testimony
that was scheduled for this week in court, the serious charges against the
federal police criminals will be dropped and it is likely that they will be
released. That is how the system works.  What will be interesting is if
that DOES NOT happen since at least in this case, there is some followup in
the press and with the human rights office in Juarez.  molly*

Click here for the original posts from El Diario and Norte

Fabrica del Crimen (Murder Factory)…the new book by Sandra Rodriguez Nieto

The new book *LA FABRICA DEL CRIMEN [CRIME FACTORY]* , by award-winning El  Diario reporter Sandra Rodriguez was presented on Friday night at the UACJ bookstore in Juarez. Published by Planeta, the book looks at the
forerunners of the current hyper-violence in the city with details on
murders, gang life and riots in Juarez prisons, government malfeasance,
corruption at all levels of law enforcement, and most importantly, the
crisis of impunity. The murderers portrayed in the book state clearly that
they never thought their crimes would be punished. Rodriguez is an
investigative journalist and it is her research into the justice system in
Juarez and Chihuahua that provides practically the only evidence of the
actual and almost complete lack of prosecution or punishment of more than
95% of homicides and other crimes in the city. Many of the events in her
book pre-date the explosion of extreme violence in 2008 and the detailed
reporting in the book is essential to even beginning to understand what is
happening in the city and why it is now one of the the most violent places
on the world.  This is a VERY IMPORTANT book.