Palomas Humanitarian Aid: press release and photos

I posted this press release from Victoria Tester for Children of Palomas.
I’m not attaching the photos just to save space, but if you would like to
see, the pictures, please write directly to Victoria at
You can also get on her mailing list to learn more about this valuable
work.  molly

on behalf of the work of esperanza lozoya
in palomas and rural chihuahua

Press Release
Contact: Victoria Tester
Phone: (575) 536-9726

Contact: Esperanza Lozoya
Phone: (575) 936-0417 or in Mexico at: 0115216563414195

June 12, 2012

PALOMAS, MEXICO, JUNE 12, 2012:  Yesterday Esperanza Lozoya and Palomas
volunteers distributed 500 meals to children in the Main Plaza in Palomas,
Chihuahua, on the first day of what will be a four week summer meal
program. This is the third year Lozoya has distributed child summer meals
in Palomas. Many of the children remaining in Palomas are extremely thin,
and the need for food in what Lozoya has called “a true humanitarian
crisis” in Chihuahua, remains dire.

So far this spring 2012, she and volunteers not only held the huge annual
Easter egg hunt in the Main Plaza, but thanks to the generosity of a donor
church in Las Cruces, have fitted more than 600 children in Palomas and
Colonia Modelo and other areas of rural Chihuahua with new shoes. Lozoya
will soon take shoes to nearby Colonia Guadalupe Victoria to serve children
there, and to other places in rural Chihuahua as well, until all 1000 pairs
of donated shoes have been distributed.

At Western New Mexico University this spring, a successful school supply
drive on behalf of Lozoya’s work in Palomas was held again by Dr. Alexandra
Neves in the School of Education. Other schools and universities are urged
to host drives. All school supplies and registrations gathered will aid
Palomas children to attend school.

Eight basic first aid kits are also needed for women who have been trained
to aid their extremely poor rural communities in health care in rural

In the La Luz de La Esperanza Palomas Outreach building on Buenaventura
street in Palomas, a daily meal continues to be offered to those aged 60
and over, and to the disabled. For most of the elderly served, this is
their only meal of the day. Visitors to the Outreach building are welcome,
and donations for the senior meal are badly needed. Individuals,
organizations and churches interested in sponsoring a senior meal at 10
dollars a month, or who can donate fresh or preserved food, are urged to
come forward.

Donations are also accepted at Diaz Farms in Deming, and at the Food Basket
stores in Silver City and in Bayard. This spring marks the second
anniversary of all three donation barrels.

Lozoya, who is glad to be in the ninth year of her humanitarian work in
Palomas, is also in emergency need of a “new” used truck or van, to keep
her work going optimally.

I act as a U.S. coordinator on behalf of the work of Esperanza Hope Lozoya,
who is often travelling in rural Chihuahua. I hope you will come forward to
aid the work of this remarkable woman whose strength, courage and
dedication to the poor are bringing hope to the crisis situation at the
Mexico border.

All photos by Victoria Tester. Photo captions:
1. Esperanza Lozoya
2. Children recieving meals, June 11 2012
3. Child, after the Easter Egg Hunt.
4. Pantry, La Luz de La Esperanza Palomas Outreach building complex
5.  Chapel, at the Outreach building complex
6. Girls with new shoes, crayons and spirals.
7. Girl with new shoes, crayons and a spiral.
8. Waiting for new shoes.

“A lifetime of solidarity with the poorest of the poor”…Fr. Peter Hinde to receive Honorary Doctorate degree

Many of us in the border region and many more people in the US and all over
Latin America have had the privilege of meeting Father Peter Hinde and
Sister Betty Campbell of Casa Tabor. This is a wonderful recognition of a
lifetime of work and witness that continues every single day in their
barrio in Juarez. molly

“A lifetime of solidarity with the poorest of the poor”*

Fr. Peter Hinde to receive Honorary Doctorate degree

Fr. Peter Hinde, O.Carm, co-founder with Sr. Betty Campbell, RSM, of Tabor
House in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and a co-founder of CRISPAZ, Cristianos/as
por la Paz en El Salvador<…>
, will receive an honorary Degree of Doctor of Divinity from Christian
Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, IN on May 12, 2012.

Quoting Marty Schladen of the El Paso Times, “Hinde, known now as Father
Peter, has gone from World War II fighter pilot to a member of Veterans for
Peace who comes to El Paso every Friday to protest U.S. military
involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. He lives among and ministers to some
of Juarez’s poorest residents. And he argues that U.S. policies help keep
them poor.

Click here to read more

FNS Feature The Victims Shall Not be Forgotten

FNS Feature

The Victims Shall Not be Forgotten

Every night this week, a street in central El Paso will light up with the
names of more than 10,000 people killed in the violence that’s ravaged
Ciudad Juarez and Mexico since 2008. Sponsored by Annunciation House, the
nightly projection/vigil is part of a week-long series of activities that
will culminate with a dinner honoring in person the Mexican poet and
anti-violence activist Javier Sicilia on Saturday, April 28. A shelter for
migrants and the homeless, Annunciation House, has named Sicilia the
recipient of its 2012 Voice of the Voiceless award.

To call attention to the loss of human life in the so-called narco war,
Annunciation House will project the names of murdered people on one side of
the organization’s building on East San Antonio Avenue while simultaneously
flashing large photos on another side of the red-brick structure.
Accompanied by music, the stunning images show grieving families, funerals
galore, freshly-killed victims laying in the street, masked soldiers in the
streets and outraged citizens protesting in public.

To read more, click here

Annunciation House events

*News from  Annunciation House*

10,000 of our sisters and brothers in Ciudad Juarez have been killed since

This Sunday, join us at the 2012 Voice of the Voiceless Vigil and
Projection of Names hosted by Annunciation House as we gather to give name,
face, and voice to the 10,000 killed in Cd. Juarez, their families, and
those affected by all forms of violence. We will stand in solidarity to
bear witness to the violence toward the immigrant and to the threat to the
right to be human. They will not be forgotten. *


*Annunciation House, 1003 E. San Antonio Ave.*

  • Sunday, April 22, 7:45PM:* Press conference, vigil, and projection of
    10,000 names of those killed in Cd. Juarez onto the Annunciation House
  • Every evening, Sunday, April 22 through Friday, April 27 8:00PM TO 12:00AM:
    Vigil followed by the projection of names and images onto the
    Annunciation House building
  • Continuously, Sunday, April 22 through Friday, April 27 *
  • Day and Night: Memorial Altar

*We invite you to bring flowers, mementos, and/or other symbols to place upon the altar  in memory of the 10,000 who have been killed in Ciudad Juarez and the more than 50,000 who have died throughout Mexico*
*Other upcoming events of the 2012 Voice of the Voiceless include:


  • Saturday,  April 28th, 6pm to 9pm*

Amistad Hall of Sta. Lucia Parish, 518 Gallagher St.; Dinner Tickets:  $50 2012 Voice of the Voiceless Award Recipient is Javier Sicilia, Mexican Journalist, Novelist, Poet, and Activist. Read El Paso Times article here


*Friday, April 27th, 6 PM TO 9PM, and Saturday, April 28th, 8am to 1pm:* St. Patrick Cathedral Multipurpose Center, 1111 N. Stanton St. No cost to attend; seating is limited.

*Annunciation House<…> is a
homeless shelter in downtown El Paso dedicated to accompanying the  **migrant,
homeless, and economically vulnerable peoples of the border region.*

For information about any event or to purchase dinner tickets, call
915-533-4675, stop by 815 Myrtle Ave., or

More than Words: Photojournalist captures the violence in Mexico via El Nuevo Sol

Julian Cardona/ Photo by Karla Henry for El Nuevo Sol

Mexican photojournalist Julian Cardona presented his photographs illustrating the violence in Mexico and the economic turmoil its citizens face during his visit to California State University, Northridge on Tuesday, April 11.

Sharing photographs from his books including Exodus/Exodo and Juarez: The Laboratory of our Future, Cardona noted the ramifications of North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA), an agreement among the US, Mexico and Canada, and the risks migrants face when crossing the border.

“First thing I realized was that in the city there were external forces and transnational forces that were playing a role in the everyday life,” said Cardona.

As a photographer for El Diario de Juarez, he witnessed first hand the effects of foreign markets in Mexico, noting the privatization of the public enterprise and market de-regularization.

To read more, visit El Nuevo Sol

For more on the violence in Mexico, click here

The Movement for Peace Marches On Against the Drug War–Narco News Bulletin

I recommend reading this one at the Narco News link below. Bill Conroy
always provides links to sources and related articles.
Also, here is a link to a new video by Frontera-listero Greg Berger:

The Movement for Peace Marches On Against the Drug War

The Goal Is Clear: Peace With Justice and Dignity

The one-year anniversary of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity, a grassroots groundswell against the drug war, played out March 28 in a small plaza in the Mexican city of Cuernavaca, just south of Mexico City — absent the cameras and pens of the mainstream media.

What took place that day and during the day prior to the Movement event, both in spoken words and displayed emotions, pushed back hard against both US and Mexican interests that continue to perpetuate the carnage of the war on drugs. The flow of weapons from the US south into Mexico and the seemingly insatiable demand for the drugs flowing north into the US — both fueling misery, bloodshed and a major human exodus from Mexico — were all brought into sharp focus by this Movement gathering.

To read more, visit The Narcosphere

Threats follow asylum seeker across Texas border–KVIA

Below is the posting from Frontera List on April 8 2011 with the
original Diario article that I believe describes the event that caused
Christina Roman to leave Juarez and seek asylum in the US. Kudos to
the Spector law firm and others in the area who are working to help
those seeking asylum from the criminal and government-sponsored
violence in Mexico. For information on how you can help these
refugees, see:
Mexicanos En Exilio
Mexicanos En Exilio (Mexicans in Exile), founded by the Law Offices of
Carlos Spector, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping those
forced to leave Mexico because of the Mexican government’s failure or
unwillingness to protect them. These individuals have risked their
lives for truth and justice in Mexico. These individuals include
reporters, photo journalists, political activists, human rights
activists, businessmen, and former members of law enforcement.

Threats follow asylum seeker across Texas border

FRONTERA LIST posting from April 8 2011
[frontera-list] survivor of El Castillo massacre accuses federal
police of involvement in the crime

Diario presents an interview with a survivor of the massacre at the
bar El Castillo last week where 10 people were killed. She is a woman
who worked at the bar. Before the attack, some federal police entered
the bar and started searching some of the clients. They also took away
their cell phones. The witness says one of her coworkers argued with
the police, asking them why they were molesting the clients and the
workers. She was warned, “You will be the first…”
The police left and shortly afterward, a single gunman described as a
young man of about 20 with an assault rifle–a sicario– entered the
bar and committed the killings. Among the victims was the young woman
who had talked to the police as well as the owner of the bar. He had
previously run the La Pantera bar in the same part of town and it had
been attacked for not paying protection money earlier.

The witness also said that after the killings, the federales returned,
robbed the dead of personal belongings and took other things from the
bar–bottles of imported liquor, furnishings, etc. And the report
from the Fiscalia said that the clothing on the bodies of the victims
had some of the pockets turned inside out …

The witness said that no one had denounced the behavior of the federal
agents; the owner of the bar was dead and the relatives who came to
the scene were concerned over the condition of their family members.
In this testimony she says that “supposedly they (the federal police)
are here to protect us, but it isn’t like that.”
There have been no advances in this homicide investigation. The crime
scene was completely manipulated by federal agents who took away
evidence and moved the bodies.
There is more… I posted a google translation below…

There is video of this witness’ testimony at the link. molly

‘Tú vas a ser la primera’, la amenazaron federales, y luego un sicario desató masacre en bar: testigo
El Diario | 08-04-2011 | 00:22