US Ambassador Visits Juarez; Human Heads Found In City; 5 Students & 2 Soldiers Dead In So. Chih.

During the day that US Ambassador Anthony Wayne visited Ciudad Juarez, two heads were found in garbage bags near a maquiladora on Avenida Talamas Camandari in the city.  IT is the 4th finding of mutilated bodies/body parts in the city so far this month. Also yesterday in the southern part of Chihuahua state, the bodies of 5 students from Parral were found near the Chihuahua/Durango border. The report says that the students were from the city of Parral, Chihuahua and according to witnesses they had been abducted by an armed comando unit last Saturday in the area of San Miguel de Badiraguato, Sinaloa and disappeared without a trace. When their bodies were found yesterday, they had been shot dead and showed signs of torture. The report says the bodies were found by the military in a rural area near the border of Chihuahua and Durango. The family is said to be from Parral with links to residents of Chihuahua towns Balleza, Atascaderos and Guadalupe y Calvo.

Victims identified are: Rita Cristina Gutiérrez Escobedo, 25, student at the Tecnológico de Parral, Karina Estefanía Gutiérrez Escobedo, 19, student of the Escuela Normal de Parral, Teresa Escobedo Martínez, Marco Alberto López Martínez  and Esteban Ponce Escobedo, whose ages were not given but they are said to be very young.

Information was released that in the investigation of this multiple homicide, two soldiers were shot to death in a confrontation in Guadalupe y Calvo, but they have not been identified. The bodies of the 5 victims were taken to a funeral home in Parral while the destination of the soldiers’ bodies is unknown.

US Ambassador Praises Juárez For Improvements (El Paso Times)

Hallan A 5 Estudiantes Ejecutados; Matan A 2 Militares Cuando Investigan (El Diario)

Dejan Dos Cabezas Humanas En Avenida Talamás (El Diario)

Q & A with Fronteras Desk Reporter Monica Ortiz Uribe

Mónica Ortiz Uribe is a native of El Paso, Texas, where she works as a reporter for the public radio network Fronteras. She covers a range of topics from politics, to industry and environment in New Mexico, west Texas and northern Mexico. Previously she freelanced for National Public Radio on the drug-related violence in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Her first reporter gig was for the Waco Tribune Herald in Waco, Texas. Mónica graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso with a degree in history. Follow her at @MOrtizUribe


In all your years covering the border, is there any story that stands out to you?

The story of the disappeared young women of Ciudad Juárez. These are young women who vanished without a trace during the height of drug violence in the city. They lived in poor neighborhoods and rode the bus to school or to work. One day they didn’t come home. They left devastated families behind whose lives were transformed. Unsatisfied with the police’s response, the families tried doing their own investigations. As of today none of the women I tracked have been found and the families still have no answers.

What has been the most difficult border-related story to write about? Why?

The same story as above. It’s difficult because there is no resolution, no answers, no rest. The families’ lives can never be the same.

In a recent story, you mentioned that apprehensions have risen 74 percent since last year. With so much controversy surrounding the border, what changes have you noticed in the last year?

I can say that the hot spot on the border now is south Texas. I visited that region last year and saw for myself the incredible amount of traffic coming across. Border Patrol is overwhelmed. At night their radios are non-stop. I witnessed two apprehensions. One woman was traveling alone from Guatemala with two toddlers, she was coming to meet her husband in the United States.  The other was a Mexican teenager and his 70-something year-old grandfather. It’s a humanitarian crisis, people are trying to come across every single day. When they are caught they need to be processed, fed, housed, etc. The federal government has only recently acknowledged their inability to keep up.

What do you wish more people knew about the border?

There is so much. I think we all need to reconsider how we spend our tax dollars on the border. The amount of money we spend on border enforcement is more than all other federal law enforcement agencies combined. And still we can’t keep up. Meanwhile legal traffic coming across the border is bottle necked. Our immigration system is backed up beyond a decade in some cases. It will take some bold thinking and brave decisions to change the status quo.

29 Murder Victims in Juarez in June; 229 For The Year So Far

There were 29 homicides in Juarez in June, the lowest monthly toll so far in 2014, according to El Diario. The tally for the year is 229: Jan 32; Feb 41; March 40; April 35; May 52; June 29…these are the statistics provided by the Fiscalia. The victims in June include an unidentified woman found on June 28 whose body had been cut up. In another case, a woman who suffered from severe depression murdered her two children and then killed herself. A transit policeman was also a victim in June.  Two men were killed on Sunday at a horse race in San Isidro in the Valle de Juarez.

This morning, the first homicide of July took place with the murder of a bus driver.

In terms of national homicide statistics, the SNSP reports a total of 1,423 homicidios dolosos (intentional homicides) in May (latest available). This is up slightly from April’s numbers.


14,299 (Total)

2,804 (Jan)

2,690 (Feb)

2,896 (Mar)

2,963 (April)

2,946  (May)


7,423 (Total)

1,436 (Jan)

1,418 (Feb)

1,480 (Mar)

1,566 (April)

1,523 (May)


6,876 (Total)

1,368 (Jan)

1,272 (Feb)

1,416 (Mar)

1,397 (April)

1,423 (May)

Cierra Junio Con 29 Homicidios

Ejecutan A Hermanos Al Salir de Una Carrera de Caballos en San Isidro

Hallan Mujer Descuartizada en Colonia Francisco I. Madero

Ejecutan A Chofer de Transporte de Personal


52 Homicides In May In Juarez; 200 Victims In 2014

May was the most violent month so far in 2014, ending with 52 homicides. Seven of the victims were women. Five children were killed including 3 apparently strangled by their father who also killed their mother, and yesterday an apparent murder-suicide in which a woman killed her 5-month old baby and herself (story also posted below) Victims also included a municipal policeman, two well-known attorneys and 4 members of the gay community.

The total homicides for 2014 now stand at 200–an average of 1.3 people per day.

January 32
February 41
March 40
April 35
May 52

Murders in Ciudad Juarez 2007-May 2014

2007 316
2008 1623
2009 2754
2010 3622
2011 2086
2012 797
2013 535
2014 200 (Jan-May)

Fue Mayo El Mes Más Violento En Lo Que Va Del Año (El Diario)

Confirma Fiscalía Que Muerte De Madre Y Bebé Fue Homicidio-Suicidio (El Diario)

3 found dead yesterday in Juarez…(May 23)

Yesterday in Juarez, the decomposed body of a man was found near the Ciudad Universitaria and this morning another body was found in a garbage dump behind the Escuela de Mejoramiento Social para Menores “México”. Read the story from El Diario here

Also, late last night, police found the body of a woman buried in the patio of a house in fraccionamiento Santa Paula. Click here to read the article.
And an article today in El Diario reports that the former director of the prison system (CERESOS) in Chihuahua, Luis Alfredo Franco García, was executed in his vehicle yesterday in front of his house in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora.


Murder of Sinaloa activist Sandra Luz Hernandez

For a week now, the Mexican press has been reporting on the death of Sandra Luz Hernandez in Culiacan. The LATimes has the story today. I noted the number of missing and disappeared has been raised to 30,000, though the low figure of 70,000 dead continues.  As best I can tell from the official SNSP data that is posted every month, at least 50 people continue to be killed DAILY in Mexico.

So, it makes no sense to keep using a figure for the murder victims that has not increased since 2011. And it is unclear whether this data includes the dozens of people killed in ongoing confrontations with military forces in Tamaulipas, Michocan, Sinaloa and other places now experiencing hyperviolence.

Here is a compilation of articles in Spanish. molly

Two murders, bodies dismembered in Juarez; 4 more killed in Tamaulipas

The body of a woman was found dismembered this morning, wrapped in a blanket and thrown into a garbage barrel. The remains were found at the intersection of Lazaro Cardenas and Malaysia in the Infonavit Oasis neighborhood. The body was found by garbage workers. As of the time the story below was posted the body had not been identified.

In another incident, a man was assassinated, dismembered and his remains were placed in 5 plastic bags. The head, wrapped in tape was placed at the side and all were left in the colonia Division del Norte. There have been no statements from authorities in these cases.

Below, 4 more people are reported killed in continuing confrontations in Tamaulipas.

Click on the links below to read the stories in spanish.

Hallan Mujer Desmembrada En Bote De La Basura (El Diario Digital)

Lo Matan, Descuartizan Y Dejan En Bolsas En La Vía Pública (El Diario Digital)

Suman 4 Muertos Por Tiroteos En Tamaulipas (El Universal)

Arsene Van Nierop Book Presentation at NMSU, Wed May 7

Arsene Van Nierop will speak and present her book at the Nason House at NMSU, Wednesday, May 7th, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. The Nason House (Center for Border & Latin American Studies) is on University Avenue, just across from Kinkos. 

For more information, please contact Prof. Cynthia Bejarano, Criminal Justice Department, NMSU,

Un grito de socorro desde Juarez by Arsène van Nierop

Arsène van Nierop

On September 19th, 1998, Hester Van Nierop was murdered in Ciudad Juárez. Arsène discovered that the murder of her daughter was not an isolated case: between 1992 and 1998 at least 400 women were murdered in Juárez.

Ingrid Therese de Vries

Since 2012, Ingrid is involved in the Hester Foundation, and is the translator of Arsène’s book.

*In early 2014, Hestor’s murderer was apprehended in the U.S.

Wednesday, May 7th at the Nason House 

4:00 – 6:00 p.m. 

Arsène van Nierop

Hester van Nierop

FNS: One Woman’s Fight against Femicide Crosses Borders

In terms of this statement from the article below, I would point out that it is true that the murders of women increased greatly in 2008… They increased from about 25 in 2007 to 98 in 2008. At the same time, the murders of men increased even more–from 291 in 2007 to 1,525 in 2008. Interestingly, as the killings in Juarez exploded in 2008, the PERCENTAGE of the total homicide victims who were women DECREASED, from almost 8 percent in 2007 to 6 percent in 2008. In the same years (and for many years) the percentage of murder victims in the United States each year who are women was between 20 and 25 percent.
Overall, from 1993-2013, women are about 9.2 percent of total homicide victims in Ciudad Juarez. molly
                   Total homicides          Males                        Females
2007 316 291 25 7.91%
2008 1623 1525 98 6.04%
A sharp increase in women’s murders and disappearances coincided with the introduction of large groups of armed men, both from government security forces and organized criminal groups, after narco-violence exploded in 2008, the women’s advocate said.
“There is a correlation between the armed masculine presence and the murders of women,” Aragon added. “According to the statistics, this increased the vulnerability of women.”
FNS: One Woman’s Fight against Femicide Crosses Borders

April 23, 2014

Women’s/Human Rights News

One Woman’s Fight against Femicide Crosses Borders

Laura Aragon Castro has broad perspectives on the struggle for gender justice. Inside and outside of government and across multiple borders, Aragon has waged a long fight from different trenches for women’s access to justice and a life free of violence.

Growing up in the state of Chihuahua in the 1990s, the young Mexican woman became aware of the serial murders of women in the state’s big border city of Ciudad Juarez. Later, while studying in France, she learned about similar killings in her hometown of Chihuahua City.

To read more, click here

3 Murders In Juarez | 3 Asesinatos En Juárez…El Diario

At least 3 people were killed April 20 in Ciudad Juarez. Below are the links to the stories.

Asesinan A Dos En Bar De La Vicente Guerrero

El Diario | 08:29

Un hombre y una mujer fueron asesinados a tiros esta madrugada en un bar ubicado en la colonia El Barreal.

Aunque no fueron proporcionadas sus identidades, en el lugar trascendió que las víctimas eran el encargado y una cajera del establecimiento, denominado Werever, que se ubica en la calle Vicente Guerrero esquina con Colombia.

De acuerdo con testigos, alrededor de la 1:30 de la mañana arribó un auto compacto color blanco, del que descendió una persona que ingresó al negocio y se dirigió a la barra para de inmediato disparar contra sus objetivos.

Tras lograr su cometido el atacante se dio a la fuga.

Al lugar llegaron autoridades municipales quienes acordonaron la zona e implementaron un operativo para dar con el o los sospechosos, pero hasta el momento no se han dado a conocer resultados.

Posteriormente, personal de la Fiscalía acudió a recoger los cadáveres y realizar los peritajes necesarios para esclarecer el doble homicidio.

Matan A Un Hombre En La Colonia Plutarco Elías Calles

Un hombre fue victimado a balazos esta madrugada mientras caminaba por la colonia Plutarco Elías Calles.

La víctima era una persona de aproximadamente 19 años, cuyo cuerpo quedó tirado en plena vía pública en el cruce de Almoloya e Isla Curazao del sector antes mencionado.

Debido a que las autoridades acordonaron casi 50 metros a la redonda del lugar del homicidio y al hermetismo de los mismos agentes, no fue posible conocer mayores características del asesinado.

Vecinos del lugar dijeron no conocerlo y descartaron que se trate de algún residente de esa calle.